What does the Church of Christ believe about the Bible?

The original autographs of the sixty six books which make up the Bible are considered to have been divinely inspired, by which it is meant that they are infallible and authoritative. Reference to the scriptures is made in settling every religious question. A pronouncement from the scripture is considered the final word. The basic textbook of the church and the basis for all preaching is the Bible.


What kind of music is used in the worship?

As a result of the distinctive plea of the church - a return to New Testament Faith and practice - acappella singing is the only music used in the worship. This singing, unaccompanied by mechanical instruments of music, conforms to the music used in the apostolic church and for several centuries thereafter (Ephesians 5:19). It is felt that there is no authority for engaging in acts of worship not found in the New Testament. This principle eliminates the use of instrumental music, along with the use of candles, incense, and other similar elements.


How often is the Lord's supper observed? 

It is expected that every member of the church will assemble for worship on each Lord's day. A central part of the worship is the eating of the Lord's supper (Acts 20:7). Unless providentially hindered, each member considers this weekly appointment as binding. In many instances, as in the case of illness, the Lord's supper is carried to those who are hindered from attending the worship.


Why does the Church of Christ baptize only by immersion?

The word baptize comes from the Greek word "baptizo" and literally means, "to dip, to immerse, to plunge." In addition to the literal meaning of the word, immersion is practiced because it was the practice of the church in apostolic times. Still further, only immersion conforms to the description of baptisms as given by the apostle Paul in Romans 6:3-5 where he speaks of it as a burial and resurrection.


Does the Church of Christ believe in heaven and hell?

YES. The statement of Christ in Matthew 25, and elsewhere, are taken at face value. It is believed that after death each man must come before God in judgment and that he will be judged according to the deeds done while he lived (Hebrews 9:27). After judgment is pronounced he will spend eternity either in heaven or hell.



Hear the gospel (Acts 2:22, Rom. 10:14)

Believe the gospel (John 8:24, Acts 15:17)

Repent of all sins (Luke 13:3, Acts 17:30)

Confess faith in Christ (Matt. 10:32, Rom. 10:10)

Be Baptized for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16)





  • There are many people who believe the Church of Christ is a cult or has the potential to be a cult. The reason for this misconception is that some feel the definition of a "cult" is a group that follows extreme beliefs, and that its way is the only way. Another popular misconception regarding the Church of Christ is that it is a denomination. By its own account, it is not a denomination, but a part of the body of Christ. Church of Christ believers do not follow any man's beliefs or accounts, but model their lives after Christ.