In 1942, at the invitation of the brethren of the Noble Street Church of Christ (which later became the Central Church of Christ), Bro. Marshall Keeble (well known black gospel evangelist) hosted a gospel revival tent meeting in Anniston AL. During this meeting seven women were baptized into Christ. They were Sis. Bessie Stevens, Sis. Trudy Jones, Sis. Rosa Ferrell, Sis. Eliza Favor, Sis. Ellie Johnson, Sis. Lucille Mason, and Sis. Lila Funderburg. In addition, Sis. Stephens' 10 year old daughter, Dorothy also obeyed the gospel that night. These seven women, who became known as the Seven Sisters, were the original members of what would become the 14th Street Church of Christ.  Bro. Keebles' mission was to establish a Black Church of Christ congregation in Anniston, and under his teachings and guidance these seven sisters became members of that first Black congregation, known as the 14th Street and McDaniel Ave. Church of Christ. Bro. Keeble assured these sisters that he would not leave them to carry on alone. Since there were no male members at that time he sent Bro. Thomas Black back to help them to become an established Church of Christ congregation. The seven sisters, along with little Dorothy, met in a small shack on the same ground where the Church was later built.

        In 1944 during a second tent meeting held by Bro. Sutton Johnson, Sis. Edith Johnson was baptized. In 1946 Bro. W.C. Nelson and Bro. Virgil Johnson Sr. were baptized, making them the first two brothers of the 14th and McDaniel Church family. Over the next few years and under the leadership of these two faithful brothers, the 14th Street congregation continued to grow. Entire families, including the Johnson family, the Tippins family, the Jackson family, the Moore family, the Berry family, Sis. Jessie Mae Jemison, Sis. Bonetta Maddox, Sis. Lorena Gray and her granddaughter Magdalene, obeyed the gospel of Christ and became members of 14th and McDaniel. Over time several ministers also came to assist the congregation. Young Bro. David Benford served as minister for a number of years. In 1967 Bro. James Watson became the minister and served faithfully with his wife Annie for over 30 years. Bro. Watson retired from the pulpit in 1997, but he and Sis. Watson remained faithful members until their deaths. After Bro Watson retired, Bro. Marvin Jones became the minister after serving 15 years as assistant minister. One year later the congregation moved to its present location (which is the original Noble Street Church of Christ building) and became the Sixteenth and Noble Street Church of Christ. The Sixteenth and Noble Street Church of Christ continues to grow and strive to do God's will.